Bergara BA13 Takedown 44 Mag S/S

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The Bergara Takedown rifle is the single-shot rifle you are waiting for! Among all the great features of this rifle, it allows for easy transportation, even inside a backpack, with quick and easy assembly and disassembly in just a few seconds. You are guaranteed super-performance with this rifle model, and also great accuracy as the scope mount is on the barrel.

• New single-shot rifle equipped with a Bergara Barrel and an improved shooting system. This way we get a much more stable rifle, improving the accuracy. In addition is a very easy to use rifle
• Barrel is fluted in AIS416 stainless steel. It is button rifled, after being deep drilled and honed, with technologically most advanced machinery.
• Opening system is also new, softer and more ergonomic

• Calibre: 44 Mag
• Stainless/Synthetic
• Single-shot
• 16.5" barrel
• Threaded
• Open sights and picatinny scope rail included