22 LR Ruger 10/22 Blue Synthetic Carbon Full Barrel Silencer

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This is simply the best 22 semi-auto. No other model provides the reliability and resale value

We have taken our most popular rimfire rifle and fitted it with the Hushpower Carbon Tensioned Barrel with integrated Silencer.
The new standard of a lightweight silenced barrel. It features a carbon sleeve that is used to create tension on the barrel itself.

The weight is less than a standard contour barrel with the accuracy equivalent and better than a full Bull barrel contour.

Furthermore it has a monolithic integrated silencer which is contoured to the size of the barrel and unscrews simply on the standard 1/2x20 TPI Thread. This makes it very quiet due to its tight alignment of the baffles not allowing any excess gas to escape and very easy to clean and maintain.

The silencer system also features vents which push gas back over the barrel chamber which allow for maximum gas capture resulting in the best possible sound reduction.

Made here in New Zealand.

The trusted tool of professional pest controllers for decades

Soon after it's introduction over 40 years ago, the Ruger 10/22 quickly became a favourite worldwide. Made famous for the 10 round rotary magazine which sits flush with the base of the gun and gives flawless reliability

* NZ's favourite .22 rifle
* High-speed, pivoted hammer for short lock time.
* Proven performance
* Wide range of styles for every rimfire buyer
* Barrel that is locked into the receiver by a unique two-screw V-block system.
* Unique, removable rotary magazine that offers superior reliability, no exposed magazine to dent and no uncomfortable protrusions at the rifle's balance point.

* Calibre: .22 LR
* Capacity: 10 Rounds
* Finish: Synthetic
* Stock / Grip: Wood
* Barrel Length: 470mm / 18.5"
* Groove: 6
* Twist:1: 16" RH
* Overall Length: 37" / 950mm
* Weight: 2.5kgs / 5 1/4 lbs
* Front Sight: Blade
* Rear Sight: Adjustable
* Cross Bolt Safety
* Made in USA