44cal Big Lube Bullets

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44 cal Big Lube Bullets
Lubed with SPG
Designed for Black powder loads, - big lube groove enables them to shoot really cleanly, minimising clean up
Lubed with soft SPG which is designed as a Black Powder Lube again for cleaner shooting

This is a true Big Lube™ bullet design.

The bullet weight as dropped is near 200 grains depending on casting metal alloy.

This projectile has in the USA won many long range pistol cartridge matches shot from a 44 Magnum rifle. Because of the copious amount of lube hauled by this bullet, black powder guns easily run entire three day annual matches with no need to clean between stages, or days, to maintain accuracy or function.

This is for a bag of 100 - sized to .429 - suitable for 44-40, 44 Spl, 44 mag

Can be sized to .427 if requested