Kiwi Sizzler Manuka Sawdust 500g

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Kiwi Sizzler Smoking timbers are prepared to ensure you get the best from your Kiwi Sizzler smoker. Available in three flavours for sawdust plus two manuka chunk styles to suit models such as the Kiwi Sizzler Gas Smoker or the Cast Iron Smoke Box.

Smoking Timbers
There is a wide range of timber options to suit all tastes. The traditional manuka sawdust is available in a bulk 2kg bag or convenient 500g size. Apple sawdust is sold in a 1kg bag and adds a delicate finish to the smoked product. Pohutukawa is preferred by many for general fish smoking and comes in a 1kg bag. There are
two grades of manuka chunks; the 3kg bag has larger timber pieces than the manuka gold chips.