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Star FMS-X1 Cooking System
Fire Maple's FMS-X1 Star Heat Exchanger Cooking System utilises heat exchanger technology and virtually eliminates wind interference to create a highly efficient cooking system.
Fire Maple says: The star cooking system is very efficient, with a heat exchanger on the bottom of the pan it can increase the effectiveness of the fuel by around 30%. With pot cosy and heat efficient lid.
Tthe pot body is insulated with Sponge contributng to reduce heat lost and protect your hands from burning metal.
Windshield construction keeps the stove from dying windy places.
After having a dinner,everything is contained in the pot. What could be easier.

Size: Ø 128×173mm
Size: 128x173mm
Pot Capacity: 1L
Material: Hard anodizing aluminum
Components: Burner base,Heat Exchanger Pot,Silicone Cover,Bowl.
Net Weight:511g

Uses standard iso-butane propane canisters, and will stow a 4oz or smaller bottle inside the pot with the burner.